Favorite Quotations ~  Storytelling, 2 Presenting to Win: Art of Telling Your Story

"I wouldn't trade anything for my story now." ~ Maya Angelou

A story is not only meaning, it's music as well. ~ Aharon Appelfeld


Two things make a story. The net and the air that falls through the net. ~ Pablo Neruda

A story to me must have some surprise...I must have a passion to write the story. ~ Isaac Bashevis Singer

People have forgotten how to tell a story. ~ Steven Spielberg

A storyteller, like a travel agent, can help gather us up from wherever we are and put us down in another setting. ~ John Leggett

When we let our stories flow, we can astonish and renew each other. ~ Kimberly Ridley

We interpret the world through stories… Everybody makes in their own way sense of things, but if you have stories it helps. ~ Paula Rego

The one story worth telling is the one that strikes most nearly to the heart. For each person, that story will be different, for each heart is like a harp with its own distinct tuning. ~ Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Love

I've always said there are four words that every child in the world knows, and those are, "Tell me a story,." Even the people who wrote the Bible knew that. They told stories, like the story of Noah. ~ Don Hewitt, 9/29/04

Human beings cannot live without stories. ~ Ann Douglas, Terrible Honesty

My very first lessons in the art of telling stories took place in the kitchen . . . my mother and three or four of her friends. . . told stories. . .with effortless art and technique. They were natural-born storytellers in the oral tradition. ~ Paule Marshall

Life is not what one has lived, but what one remembers and how one chooses to tell it. ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez, García Márquez: The Man and His Work

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