Favorite Quotations ~† Photography, 2 Self Matters

"Not everybody trusts paintings but people believe photographs." ~ Ansel Adams

Celebrate the beauty of life!

A photographer is part pick-pocket and part tightrope dancer. ~ Henri Cartier-Bresson

Instead of just recording reality, photographs have become the norm for the way things appear to us, thereby changing the very idea of reality and of realism. ~ Susan Sontag

If anyone gets in my way when Iím making a picture, I become irrational. Iím never sure what I am going to do, or sometimes even aware of what I doóonly that I want that picture. ~ Margaret Bourke-White

It's important to let your subjects be themselves. ~ Herb Ritts

It's hard not to see that a photograph is an act of aggression... You're stopping people from the flow of their lives, you're cropping them from the space in which they live and have their being, you're juxtaposing them to something that they didn't know they were next to." ~ John Rosenthal, The Sun

One of the joys of photography is that you never know what will come at you from around the next corner. ~ Tom Ang

If I could do what I want with my eyes alone, I would be happy. ~ Richard Avedon

The best zoom lens is your legs. ~ Ernst Haas

Black and white are the colors of photography. To me they symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected. ~ Robert Frank

I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didnít photograph them. ~ Diane Arbus

When I was a kid, I played baseball and you heard the sound the bat made when it really connected with the ball; you knew you had a great hit. It's the same with photography: sometimes you hear that click of the shutter and you know you've caught something really special. ~ Bruce Davidson

I never said the camera was truth. It is, however, a more accurate and more objective way of seeing. ~ Chuck Close, Theories & Documents of Contemporary Art

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