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"Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real miracle is the love that inspires them. In this sense everything that comes from love is a miracle." ~ Marianne Williamson

Daily Celebrations

Wed 7/26/2006
I love this website!!! ~ Denise

Tue 7/25/2006
I recently saw Joan Jett's concert at the Roseau County Fair's centenial. Perfect celebration! I remember wearing out my brother's 33 album in 1982. I was 16. So, on July 20th, I was brought back...I was 16 the whole night! She spotted me at one point. Make direct eye-contact. Got her autograph, a hug, and she remembered me! She said,"did you see me jamin' with you? She has an image that makes you think she's a "chick with attitude." But she was very sweet and personal. The whole expirience is going right in my scrap book! I'll never forget it!!--Patty, MN

Mon 7/24/2006
I am writing to ask for prayers for my nephew Matthew. He is 19 years old and is being accused of 3 felonies. I swear on my own children's lives that he is not guilty. Unfortunately he has made mistakes in the past and has been labeled. Please Matt is a good person. He can't go to prison. Everyone knows what goes on in there. Please pray for the truth and justice and for strength. We are looking for a miracle. Thank you, Kasso

Mon 7/17/2006
Thank you. I have been so looking forward to one of my favorites being celebrated in your daily tributes -- they are always so well done and thoughtful. And this one (on Anna Quindlen) is certainly beautifully written and captures her essence perfectly - your choice of quotes truly does her justice, and the piece is a credit to your own work as well. I was thrilled by it, and thank you so much for taking the suggestion, and sending me my very own advance copy... ~ Kathleen

Thu 7/13/2006
I have been a subscriber to "daily celebrations " for a while now, and realised I have never passed on my thanks; thank you. And why today?Today's message was: "There are no bad boys. There is only bad environment, bad training, bad example, bad thinking." ~ Fr. Edward Flanagan

And I have a bad, mad, and sad 15 year old boy who I confess I was preparing to "do battle with" today,again. After opening my email and reading your message, I think I'll choose another approach ( I'll try!) best wishes, Jacky

Sun 7/9/2006
Good very good and nice. ~ Faisal

Mon 7/3/2006
I love your website and have referred to it frequently for the past few years. I wish you had a reference to Susan G. Komen and her sister Nancy Brinker. It would be a great addition! Hope to see a reference to these amazing women soon. ~ Roberta

Tue 7/4/2006
It's me again!!! Re: Your Celebration for July 4, Likely To Be Successful, fifth paragraph, I believe the line should read "Coach K has emphasized" I look forward each day to your site!!! Thanks!!!!! ~ Johnnie!

Fri 6/30/2006>
Ram Dass - I have been on this journey with you for 30 years. You changed my life and I love you so much. Bless your beautiful soul. Peace and Love. ~ Claudja

Thu 5/25/2006
I was thrilled to find your web site. I read the quotes about inspiration etc. But I was dissapointed to read the "religion quotes" They are so negative. There are many good positive quotes don,t you think? Lets share them. ~ Norman

Sat 5/20/2006
Allo Viggo. You excenllent actor and you very beautiful and continuous the excellent films. Bye bye viggo. The Nicole xxxx

Fri 5/19/2006
I'm hoping you have some way of contacting the artist at Mos Way Sunrise and telling him (or her) what an exquisitely beautiful blog that is. I couldn't find a way of contacting that person directly there, but I found the link originally from your site to that extraordinary creation. I enjoyed it tremendously. I hope it continues, and send my thanks for what you both have done. ~ Rebecca

Mon 5/15/2006
Re: May 15, "Of All the Gin Joints" Her name was Ilsa as you had it right the third time. Also, I would say loved and lost his great love... I thought you would like to know.... Johnnnie

P.S. I am honored to be of any service to one that brings so much joy and inspiration to my day!!!

Fri 5/12/2006
I have just seen the first page of your website. I can tell you that I listen to Mozart music everyday since one year and I can't get enough. I have no time for other music. I do not care whethet it rises my IQ or not, but all I can tell, that I am addicted to his music. I cannot imagine how one can live without this. Everyday I regret this master has died so early. I love Mozart. Am I sick or what? ~ J.

Sun 5/7/2006
This particular message and quote was soooo helpful! My daughter is going through a hard time in the throes of the end of her second year of college. I sent it to her! Thank you, Mahalo and Aloha, Linda

Tue 4/18/2006
Re: Clarence Darrow April 18
The Scopes trial took place in Dayton (not Daytona), Tennessee. I knew that you would want to correct this. ~ Johnnie

Tue 4/18/2006
I love your newsletter and website... and I read not only your daily celebrations, but go back through the archives for particular subjects or people for perspective. I think you do such a good and thorough job choosing and sharing wisdom, that I have only one suggestion... could you perhaps please include Anna Quindlan on one of your future celebrations ? She is one of my favorite writers, and I think has a very worthwhile view on life. Thank you again for the daily bright shot of wisdom, humor and perspective.

Mon 4/10/2006
I appreciate your wonderful website full of delicious quotes that speak volumes to my heart and soul. Thank you for your time and effort. ~ Christine

Fri 4/7/2006
Without sounding sappy---Do you have any idea how wonder-full your website is? omg. It is glorious. Thank you. ~ Denise

Thu 4/6/2006
I just loved your story of your uncle! I hope he has a happy birthday! God Bless you and all you do. Aloha and mahalo, ~ Linda

Tue 4/4/2006
I just wanted to let you know that we have made the Daily Lesson from A Course In Miracles available to put on your website. This gift is freely given.

God bless and have a Happy Easter,
Love Sue, The Miracle Times

Fri 3/31/2006
Who in the world are you? (Or are you really in (or of) this world. I landed on your site very accidentally and find it impossible to leave! ~ Susan

Tue 3/28/2006
"Friends are angels in disguise sent by God." ~ Gerry B.

Tue 3/28/2006
What a wonderful entry today. I need to really work on this myself. And, your sunrise blog is awesome, great pics. I need to start a sunset blog for my sunset pics that I take. Thanks, Kay

Sun 3/26/2006
Hello. First of all, I would like to say that I liked your web site very much as it is possible to find many good quotations especially about art! But I have had a problem. I saw one piece of art with the name "richard self-portrait" on the art and artists page. However I could not find out any information about it, neither on your site or in web, so is it possible for you to give me some information about this painting?

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