Widgets Mail ~ From You Power in Praise

"Don't be a blueprint. Be an original." ~ Roy Acuff


I really like your site! It feels very celebratory and warm and inspiring. And it seems very hopeful to show how someone in the past has made a difference. I also really like the layout of your site, and the different colours you use in your titles; that's very distinctive and pretty! Wishing you happiness and joy, Cheryl

What an exceptionally well-done site. Thank you for such thoughtful and comprehensive function and information to reference such jewels. You have done a remarkable thing and I thank you for making such a wonderful tool available to me and others. Continued success! Carole

Thank you so much for writing me back. I truly appreciate it! That is a beautiful poem and I just read it to my friend on the phone and she agrees. I think it is very powerful. You have a beautiful website with amazing quotes! I will definitely keep coming back to your site. You do such a wonderful job.

Your poem touches me. I often wonder what people are thinking when they write, because often others can put it into perspective with their own lives7. Sincerely, Steph

P.S. Your poem is beautiful. Once again, Thank you for writing me back.

I came across this website and saw this poem Today With Bright Morning. I was wondering if there is an author to this poem. I really like it and would like to post it on my bulletin board in my room, but I do not want to take it without putting an authors name. Can you help me? Sincerely, Steph

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