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"In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities." ~ Janos Arany

Book of Secrets

Mon 6/9/2003
I just wanted to pause for a moment and tell you what a great site you have - full of color, full of life! ~ KAL

Fri 6/6/2003
I love your website. How can I contact Terry Bradshaw? Will he come to see my son play baseball? ~ Lynne

Tue 6/3/2003
My name is Jenni and I'm making a webpage for a course I'm taking on creativity. I was wondering if you would let me link to your website. Thank you!

Thu 5/29/2003
First, I want to say I enjoy this website. Second, I would like to know why you don't have any quotes from Elton John in your Pop/Rock or Music themes. But you do have Billy Joel. Thanks in advance for your time in answering me. ~ Cyn

Fri 5/23/2003
Just a little note to say a big thank you for sending me these beautiful, uplifting thoughts... your work is a jewel shining in the lives of those you touch......inspiration fills my heart and a beaming smile takes me through my days....excellent!

Daily Celebrations - thank you! ~ Nadine, Malta

Thu 5/22/2003
Thank you for today's Celebration. It has been a hectic couple of weeks here and this is the first time I've been able to log-on in a while. Today's celebration is just what I needed to help me appreciate all that there is and that I have in this world!!!?!!!

Mon 5/19/2003
Re: John McCrae: It is not 45,000, but 635,000 who voluntarely enlisted in WWI, out of a population of 7 millions in the early XX century. Because of these numbers, "In Flanders Field" also struck a chord in each Candian Family, like mine...

Thank you for correcting the information. ~ J.V.

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