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"Be yourself, no matter what they say." ~ Sting

Ewing Galloway

Fri 9/19/2003
I found your site because I was looking for pictures of Philippe Petit's walk on the twin towers (which happened many years ago, but which I just learned about last week). I admire that because it was something created wholly from joy, totally unreasonable and beautiful. And how wonderful to find a site like yours, something which also seems to just spring from joy. ~ Kim

Thu 9/18/2003
I am trying to research a quote on your site by Langston Hughes: "I stuck my head out the window this morning, and spring hit me bang in the face." On another site it's quoted as "gang in the face." I haven't been able to locate the original source writing. Can you help? Your site is absolutely wonderful! Thank you.

Thu 9/18/2003
Thanks again for your site. Now every morning I get on the computer-with pen and paper at hand to see and read what wonderful quotes you have for me today. I use them for my own personal use, for journals I give as presents, and to encourage ones I love who are going through some rough times. ~ Thanks, Miriam

Fri 9/12/2003
"The time is always right to do right" is a quote from Martin Luther King Jr.'s letter from the Birmingham jail, not Nelson Mandela.

Fri 9/12/2003
Great site. Thanks. Did note that you have mispelled J.K.Rowling's surname at least twice on her quote page. ~ Jan

Sun 9/7/2003
Hey how ya doing? This is Kolby. Just saying how much i'm enjoying your site and I found my favorite quote: "Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character."

I'll have to use it on Mom and Dad sometimes when they say "Kolby don't get an attitude with me." Also the ecards are great. Talk about a birthday card. lol. You could come up with a whole bunch of different ones.

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