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"Never confuse movement with action." ~ Ernest Hemingway, Papa Hemingway: A Memoir, 1966

HW Synergic MediaMon 10/13/2003
Congratulations, Helping people to find joy, to forget their sorrows for a while, to recharge their batteries emptied in the daily rush and stress, renewing their optimism, making them aware of how wonderful it is to be and feel alive is one of essential ingredients in creating the worldwide sense of human synergy necessary to move this world of ours towards a Human Era.

In view of these considerations, I am pleased to inform you with most sincere admiration and appreciation that your website Daily Celebrations has been awarded the Human Wisdom Award for Outstanding Joyfulness and contribution to a Human Era. I hope that your good nature, generosity and energy will keep inspiring more and more people worldwide to join the human spirit growing every day in our common strive for a better world for all. With best regards, Dan Bostan, Human Wisdom Endeavor

Fri 10/3/2003
Your website is quite powerful and inspiring. Thank You!!! ~ Meg

Wed 10/1/2003
Can anyone help? Please.....!! I found a quote on your site the other week, it was about using time to its full advantage.It was something like "the time will pass anyway so we might as well put it to good use now"..that's about the the jist of it. I haven't been able to find it again and would dearly like to! Would you have any idea who our what the full quote might be? I know you must get inundated with meassages so if you are not able to offer any assistance i will understand completly. i'd just like to say how much i enjoy your site! so much inspiration in one place.Its great!! Thanks again, Maggie.

Thu 9/25/2003
It is a blessing to receive these messages. ~ Isabel

Tue 9/23/2003
I just happened to stumble upon your beautiful website as I was doing some research. On August 14th, you cited a beautiful quote from Washington Irving on the sacredness of tears. From which work of his does that quote come? I was hoping you would you be able to give me the reference. This is the second time I've come across that wonderful quote, but with no reference to the original source. Thank you, Damien

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