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"Variety is the soul of pleasure." ~ Aphra Behn

Good to Great

Fri 12/12/2003
Some years ago my brother fell on hard times. This was especially hard for him at Christmas. He then started making Christmas presents from scrap that he had found. Each of his brothers and sisters always got a present. They may not have been as flashy or expensive as the other presents but I think each of us valued those presents more as they came from the heart not from the shop. This I feel reflects the true spirit of Christ and Christmas more than glitzy lights expensive presents or even antiquated hymns that last only for a few weeks and then are put away to be dusted off and bought out again next year. ~ George

Wed 12/3/2003
Absolutely love your newsletter every day. It's so beautiful! Thank you! ~ Lise, Melbourne, Australia

Tue 12/2/2003
I love your site..I ask that you consider adding Tori Amos to your Women category...She is a miraculous piano player and is her site, there are many others though. Please look her up, listen to her music, and add her! Thanks so much. ~ Sarah

Sat 11/22/2003
I agree wholeheartedly: Life is a celebration of passionate colors, and we can see those colors if we will. ~ Frank

Sat 11/22/2003
Just found you site tonite, while looking up Hope. Who are you folk/s? Thanks for a bright, uplifting resource. Please tell me more about you. Thanks so much. You give hope. ~ Greg

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