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"A man doesn't begin to attain wisdom until he recognizes that he no longer is indispensable." ~ Richard E. Byrd

choose love over fear

Thu 1/29/2004
I used a quotation (Carl Rogers) from your site at the end of my email signature. Today I got a huge ration of &*& from someone on the receiving end, indicating that I must have lost my mind. His implication was that Carl Rogers was the worst thing that ever happened to American education. The funny thing is, I totally agree with many aspects of Carl Rogers' teachings. Thanks for the colorful opportunity to parade his views!

Wed 1/28/2004
Your web site has provided a source of inspiration, strength and hope for me since the death of my husband on September 11, 2002. Thank you for all you do to uplift and inspire as we journey through this life! ~ Linda

Mon 1/26/2004
Aloha! Thank you for obviously working so hard on this lovely, inspiring, uplifting site! I have a suggestion: country singer Martina McBride needs to be celebrated on your page, she's truly inspiring! ~ Love Emma

Sun 1/11/2004
You must be one terrific person! Your website is outstanding! DOB on Paul Revere should be 1735 and not 1776...Born in Boston...See your outstanding leader's list....Continued success in everything you do. You are indeed the best!

Sun 1/11/2004
I found my quote on your website and am happy that it was used and my name was attached to it but I have no idea how or where you got it. Can you enlighten me? ~ Carol Duerksen

Mon 12/22/2003
Thank you so much for this website and all you do for others in the name of God and love. Is there a way to automatically receive the daily message? Thanks and God Bless You all. ~ Laura

Mon 12/15/2003
Just to wish you a Happy Holiday season and thank you for sharing your daily celebrations with us each day. I so look forward to my newsletters and also knowing that I'll always find just the right quote for any occasion or situation at your web site. So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Aloha, Elizabeth

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