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"We need now to learn to wish more wisely. It is a prescription for more reflective, careful, caring wishing in harmony with the aina (land), the ohana (family), and ke Akua (God or the higher power)."~ Kahuna K. Hewett

Writings that changed the world

Mon 10/25/2004
Kurt Cobain did not self destruct and his death was not a suicide. The first guy on the scene of his body deemed it to be a suicide because of a gun, a note, and his wallet near him. Someone killed him. Refer to for more info. ~ Kelly

Sun 10/24/2004
I LOVE this site! The problem is that the e-cards won't continue past "preview card." Also, how can I get the daily delivery if I'm not a Yahoo member? ~ Linda

Fri 10/22/2004
We send out a Inspirational Quotes by e-mail called the Daily Dig... Thank you and best wishes, Joe

Fri 10/15/2004
Hi: I run a newsletter from my website, and I include a 'Inspiring Person' of the month which usually has a link to an appropriate website. My person this month is John Lennon, and I would be grateful if I could have your permission to link to your page on John Lennon from my newsletter. Many thanks, Ros Bott

Wed 10/13/2004
This is an absolutley WONDERFUL site. I think you ROCK and thank you:): ):):):):):)

Tue 10/5/2004
Considering the company I am in--Duke Ellington and Betty Davis, etc. I am deeply touched that you included my quote. Thank you for your generosity of spirit.

Best, Joshua Estrin, CEO Concepts In Success, Author-Shut UP! And Listen to Yourself

Mon 10/4/2004
I found your wonderful website today on a google search. It's fantastic. I love quotes, poetry, books and words. I signed up for your newsletter. I plan on visiting often. You've done an excellent website! The only thing though is that I couldn't find your name on your poetry, so I don't know what your name is. Is your name listed on the website? Your poetry really reaches to the heart and soul. Thanks for sharing. - Denise

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