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"A man content to go to heaven alone will never go to heaven." ~ Boethius

Fri 4/8/2005
What an amazing and inspiring website. I am just writing an ebook on entreprenuer training - this site has proved a valuable resource! Thank you so much for creating this site. ~ Tim W.

Wed 4/6/2005
The quotes are really good and i would prerferably love (to) receive more of such via mail. ~ Anuja

Fri 4/1/2005
I just happened upon this site and really enjoy the inspiriation. I just got hired as an activity director and have to plan a celebration for seniors in an assisted living facility. I don't know where to start! If anyone has any ideas I would be so grateful! ~ Susan

Thu 3/31/2005 Hi, I happened to visit your site and I really like it a lot. I also had a website at I hereby hope that you would do me a favour by doing a link exchange with me. It would be deeply appreciated! Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks. Yours sincerely, Joel

Tue 3/29/2005
The human mind, like the fragile, living marine sponge must be watered at the fountain of knowledge if it is expected to expand to it's full growth and capacity. Or,it will simply be left to waste away to dry. ~ Joseph P. Martino

Wed 3/23/2005
Dear author: Thanks for publishing one of my quotes. I have authored over 140 poems/quotes. You can view more of my work. Google Joseph P. Martino quotes or, poems. Use what ever inspires you. Best wishes, Joe

Tue 3/22/2005
Thank you for the lovely messages on your site, so palatable to my mind it was a nourishment to the spirit with a taste of a memorable occasion let your self be free. ~ Daniel

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