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"It is not truth that makes man great; but man that makes truth great." ~ Confucius

Fri 4/15/2005
Thank you! - Rita de Waard

Tue 4/12/2005
I was web surfing and came upon your website.

How strange that your website pretends to celebrates life and one's spiritual journey yet has quotes and a webpage devoted to J. Robert Oppenheimer - the man responsible for the Atomic Bomb. Do you seriously think he did not know what his research/experiments were for? You state on the webpage how brilliant he was yet he is not responsible for his actions?!? Get a clue woman! The USA is the ONLY country that has dropped a bomb! After Oppenheimer was paid (he only cared about $$ - not human life nor spirituality) he then tried to rationalize his research/experiments with quotes of peace.

You need to seriously meditate and try to get a SENSE OF CONSCIOUSNESS. The world and humankind would be alot better off if Oppenheimer never existed.

Try thinking. ~ mjdnyc

Celebrate PassionMy Response:
I don't agree with you. The purpose of my website is to celebrate life and to celebrate the lives of others. My celebration of Oppenheimer is valid. His accomplishments have changed the course of the world. He was brilliant and I believe at the end of his life he was ostracized and suffered for his brilliance and mistakes.

How can you judge his spirituality? How do you know what was in his heart?

Your argument against him could be used for many other historical individuals who either intentionally or unintentionally laid the foundation for the Hiroshima bomb or our current threats to human existence. Think of Einstein's ironic dilemma... Truman, Roosevelt, Churchill... I prefer to celebrate their brilliance and goodness. It is that core that sustains us and allows us to create and do good for others.

Please know that I understand what you are saying; you sound very passionate about it. I just see things differently. Thank you for helping me to pause this morning and reaffirm my commitment to myself and my readers.

Good luck to you on your journey, Leialoha

"I do not want the peace which passeth all understanding, I want the understanding that bringeth peace." ~ Helen Keller

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