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"Seek spiritual riches within. What you are is much greater than anyone or anything else you have ever yearned for." Paramahansa Yogananda


Thu 4/21/2005
I notice you have quoted me on your website. I would like to inquire if you might include, after the quote and my name, the name of the book where the quote came from? The name of the book is Life Is the Way It Is. I would be most appreciative if this might meet with your approval. Thank you. ~ Sondra Anice Barnes

Wed 4/20/2005
You may want to update your site by going to this link. Thich Nhat Hahn has just returned from a 3 month trip to Vietnam. If you'd like more sites to visit, let me know. Visit: Thich Nhat Hahn Trip ~ Jackie

Mon 4/18/2005
...I shall enjoy this day as far as I can with love in my heart...Daniel W., Liverpool, England

Mon 4/18/2005
Hi, I've just discovered your site, and I like your "philosophies". I am not a religious person, but I do believe in surrounding myself with positive influences (Bee Gees!) Thank you for having a place for me to feel comfortable. ~ Christy

Sun 4/17/2005
"You are today where your thoughts have brought you, you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you" In your site, under the quotes on Thoughts, the above quote is credited to both Ralph Waldo Emerson and James Lane Allen.

Which one is right?

Sat 4/16/2005
I ran across your delightful website, looking some things up on Dale Carnegie. I happened to see someone carping at you because of having the temerity of posting some quotes by J. Robert Oppenheimer.

Let's set the record straight. The atomic bomb would have been created with or without Oppenheimer.

I spent 20 years working in nuclear power, and know the history of the development of both nuclear power and nuclear weapons quite well. There was a cocktail party in Washington some years back, and Edward Teller was there. To make a long story short, when asked how close the Germans were to the "bomb" he noted being at a cocktail party in London, 40 years before. Aug. 5, 1945 to be exact. He recounted being placed there specifically to listen to certain captured German scientists on what they might say...KNOWING THE BOMB WOULD BE DROPPED THAT DAY. Someone came in and announced, "The Americans have used an Atomic weapon on the Japanese." Suddenly two (very suspected) German scientists launched into an animated discussion in German of what the method of making the bomb was. Teller had been introduced as speaking Hungarian, French and English...fluently, and had run around for a while saying, "Nicht Deutch" that evening. He recounted the Germans described IN DETAIL how to make a nuclear weapon.

Teller said there were about 300 people in the US with that info.

Oppenheimer was ONE, but not the only one. And the Germans were VERY close.Because of that, however, and the imperatives of the war, I throw no stones at Oppenheimer. And his later year comments and beliefs, I believe, need not be tainted in any way by the work he did in science.

After all, Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, to help break open stone formations in Sweden! And he, poor man, felt guilt because his invention was used to make weapons!!! How silly. No one can prevent someone else from perverting what we do as good...If there is the someone else willing to pervert it.

That's life! So keep up the POSITIVE work. And ignore the critics.. Thanks! ~ Mark

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