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"In this springtime of faith, may yours blossom forth with abundant new life." ~ Fr. Brian Cavanaugh bestsellers

Greetings, As the site says, it is a site of inspiration and I just wanted to say that I am honored to see that you have included a quote from my book The Opportunity in Every Problem on this fine site. Congratulations on your wonderful attitude and your quest to inspire and uplift. Cordially, Scott L. Taylor

Mon 8/15/2005
When will you be doing one on Danica Patrick the Indy race car driver? ~ Billie

Hi I signed up for your daily celebrations a few days ago and have received one email from you, but that's all. Would love to hear more, thanks for checking it out. This looks like a really great idea. ~ Linda

Sun 6/19/2005
Thanks for all of your wonderful quotes, your site is an inspiration! I wondered if you would consider looking into the late Marty Robbins born Sept. 26, 1925 passed away Dec. 8, 1982. A beloved entertainer who was a cross-over singer of every genre before we knew what cross-over singers were! He said "Everyday is a good day to be alive whether the sun's shining or not." That is just one of his quotes I can think of right now. Hope you will consider highlighting him in Sept.

Thank you,
Jo in Marty's hometown, Glendale, Arizona.

Mon 6/6/2005
I always enjoy the devotions I get from you every day via email. I can't begin to tell you how often I'm touched by them. Today's was particularly good ... bravo. I just had to tell you. Seeking the faith of our fathers, Sarah, Wesson, Mississippi

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