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"Nothing is impossible, unless you think it is." ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

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Sun 12/4/2005
I think you have a blog that has found its way into my favourites' list. I hope to see more such blogs, truly inspirational and such a great treat for dreamers like me!
:) ~ S T A R S H I N E

Thu 12/1/2005
They say they love flowers, yet they pluck them.
They say they love trees, yet thet cut them down.
And people still wonder why some feel provoked
when told they are loved. ~ No Name

Wed 11/30/2005
Hi. I live in Australia and have been a fan of Marty Robbins for over 50 years and on his death I wrote a tribute, I have updated this tribute and thought you might like to read it. It is as follows:

For those of you who never heard a Marty Robbins song.
I`d like to play a track or two if you care to tag along.
He sang about El-paso and a girl from Mexico.
He sang about the men who fought and died at the Alamo
He sang about the cowboys who lived by gun and knife,
He sang about a lady,Marizona was his wife,
He told about Bill Thaxton a Ranger who was blind.
But he was the fastest gun around that you would ever find.
Billy the Kid was a fast gun, 20 notches on his gun
Pat Garret was a friend of his and he ended Billy`s run
When Marty sang you closed your eyes and a picture would appear
It told of outlaws in gunfights and the picture was so clear.
Five brothers vowed to avenge their Pa,who was gunned down in Arkansas,
They met the killer by a water hole and beat him to the draw
They never left the water hole,the water it was bad,
They all died by the water hole with the killer who murdered their dad.
Its 23 years since Marty left,it seems like yesterday
I listen to his every song and in my mind he`s here,
But on the 8th of December, I will shed a tear.

Regards Colin Alderson. South Australia

Sun 11/27/2005
Thank you for all you do. ~ Wendy

Mon 11/21/2005
I want 2 know about specific celebrations in Italy. ~ Mike

Mon 11/14/2005
Hello, I just wanted you to know my father taught Marty Robbins how to play. The frist song he (played) was Down in the Valley. My father’s name was Farris Mansfield. They played together as little boys and sang together. Thank you, Joyce

Thu 11/10/2005
Wonderful, wonderful! In my cellular phone following passage is written: “Every day is my birthday.” Now I’m so happy I can find there are so many people who think every day is their birth days! All the members of are celebrating the everyday life from already five years ago. It is great joy for me to join this community.

Thu 11/3/2005
I love your site it helped me alot on my history report. ~ Kelsey

Sat 10/29/2005
It would be helpful if you could not only site (sic) who said something, but where they said it. If I want to use the quote in a paper I need to site (sic) the source (book or article) where the quote originated from....just a thought. ~ Cindy

Thu 10/27/2005
I was surprised and disappointed your site has no Cesar Chavez quotes regarding service. Do you have any reference to him? ~ Carlos

Mon 10/24/2005
Check year of Neil Young's birth--it is 1945,not 1944 as you show. Thanks for putting out a good site and keep it up. ~ Tom

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