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"Rome wasn't built in a day." ~ Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Tue 1/31/2006
You have listed on your site the quotation: "All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites." which was quoted by Marc Chagall, Belorussion artist 1887-1985, as pertaining to the color wheel, and not poet W.H. Auden as you have listed. You may want to correct your listing. ~ Rachelle

Mon 1/30/2006
Will Rogers was a Democrat. Franklin D. Roosevelt was a Democrat. Joe McCarthy was a Republican. Richard Nixon was a Republican. Who do you think represents the truth? Who would take your freedom away.

("Anyone who would give up essential freedoms for a little security deserves neither freedom nor security." Benjamin Franklin who represents our former Democratic ideals.)

Open your closed mind and see the possibilities of freedom. ~ Joseph S.

Wed 1/25/2006
I find the site very inspiring! It has added value to my life.. I see things differently...~ Mosima

Tue 1/24/2006
What a great website. I just stumbled upon it while seaching the internet for a quote by Johann von Goethe. Maybe you could help me locate the quote. It goes something like, "In everyones life there is a moment when everything from your past can be made right."

Thu 1/19/2006
I'm 13 and I live in Penn. I am not the biggest Marty Robbins fan around, but I do like alot of his music. My favorite song by him is either Long Tall Sally or That's Alright Mama.I enjoyed your web site. ~ Sincerely, Ricky

Thu 1/19/2006
I just happened across your website while surfing around to nowhere in particular. You have a very special gift and an obvious love of life. Congrats on striving to achieve what few others even try for: perspective. Best wishes. ~ Kevin

Mon 1/16/2006
I really look forward to the Daily Celebrations I received in my email everyday. I may not read all of it but it's an eye opener on things we always take for granted. Thank you for having this kind of website. ~ Maje

Sat 1/14/2006
You have done so much wonderful work in creating and maintaining your website' it truly is inspirational and uplifting and a joy to visit.
With kindest regards, Dalene, Rutabaga Stew

Mon 1/2/2006
Great sight. You are making God proud.

Mon 1/2/2006
I stumbled across your site completely by accident, and am so impressed that you are doing this! I especially like that you are spiritual without being religious. I'm sure you are making a positive mark in the world. That's all any of us can hope to do. Keep up this wonderful work! ~ Tony

Thu 12/15/2005
I wish I had seen this site sooner. I could tell in the first 10 seconds of viewing that I was going to bookmark it and subscribe to it (as well as forward it to my sister)! ~ Ann

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