Favorite Quotations ~  Hawaii, 5 Kahuna of Light: Hawaiian Spirituality

"Hula is the art of Hawaiian dance, which expresses all we see, smell, taste, touch, feel, and experience. It is joy, sorrow, courage, and fear." ~ Robert Cazimero

Don Ho

Hawaii has the ability to bring people together in an environment of trust, positive energy, and warmth. Within this environment interactions occur that catalyze the beginnings of great things. ~ Burt Lum, Honolulu Advertiser, 10/14/03

Hawaii is my partner. ~ Don Ho

Every child of Hawaii should be well versed in the accomplishments of Kamehameha, Kaahumanu, Liliuokalani, Kuhio and others. ~ Daniel K. Inouye

Aloha means when you give someone a lei, you do not buy the lei—you make the lei with your own hands and then you give it away and that lei is made with love and respect and everything that should be in the soul of man. ~ Levon Ohai

We are a very complex society where we've learned to live together and move together in a positive way. Hawaii is the prototype of how people can get along. Hawaii is the prototype for the nation. ~ Ira Rohter, Honolulu Advertiser, 8/12/08

We are the rainbow kids...In each of our hearts beats a rhythm that makes all of us Hawaiians. ~ Kenny Brown

Our canoes have been envisioned, maintained, and sailed by all of Hawaii’s people, regardless of race or religion. We must remember that we are all one people. ~ Myron Bennett "Pinky" Thompson

We will not have a fire dance at tomorrow night’s luau. There is no Hawaiian fire dance. That’s Samoan. ~ Charles Kaupu

But to those of us who have been privileged to live in Hawaii, aloha means I love you. ~ Daniel K. Inouye

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