Favorite Quotations ~  Hawaii, 3 Hawaii Looking Back

"Tourists liken poi to wallpaper paste, but those who grow up with freshly made poi cannot live without it." ~ M.J. Harden

Mokolii, Chinaman's Hat

We make a lei and present it to honor our fellow man. ~ Marie McDonald

When you're there at sunset or when you see the moonlight on the water, Waikiki is just unbeatable. ~ Rick Egged, Honolulu, June 2003

We are the youth of Hawaii nei. We are the chosen sons and daughters who are bound together by rich traditions. That's us--Ho'omaka'ika'I ~ Mahela Rosehill

My elders always stressed that ancient hula, the chants, and dances passed down from generation to generation, should be taught as it was learned. ~ Pat Namaka Bacon

The gift of mana (power, spiritual essence) is all of ours, and we can command this mana. You generate mana through prayer, through deep breathing and through meditation. ~ Lanakila Brandt

One 'ukulele and one soul can do a lot. ~ Kindy Sproat

There's no other place that I'd rather be than home in these islands in the middle of the sea. ~ Henry Kapono Ka'aihue

You are the lei I entwine with the beauty of your smile. ~ Robert Cazimero

There is no more beautiful hideaway than this spectacular chain of tropical islands. ~ Ray Riegert

Somehow, the love of the islands, like the love of a woman, just happens. One cannot determine in advance to love a particular woman, nor can one so determine to love Hawaii. ~ Jack London, My Hawaiian Aloha

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