Favorite Quotations ~† Complain, 2 Short Course in Kindness

"Constant complaint is the poorest sort of pay for all the comforts we enjoy." ~ Benjamin Franklin

Statue of Liberty

The man who complains about the way the ball bounces is likely the one who dropped it. ~ Lou Holtz

Those who never complain are never pitied. ~ Jane Austen

It is only imperfection that complains of what is imperfect. The more perfect we are, the more gentleand quiet we become towards the defects of others. ~ Joseph Addison

Donít moan. Donít complain. Think positively. ~ Katharine Hepburn

The point of complaining is not necessarily that it's going to change things. It's more kind of an existential act that is essential to democracy. ~ Matthew Bakkom, NY Times, 7/8/06

Don't complain about growing old. Many, many people do not have that privilege. ~ Earl Warren

Don't complain because you don't have. Enjoy what you've got. ~ H. Stanley Judd

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