Tributes Christopher Reeve (1952-2004) Somewhere in Time

"The world has lost a tremendous activist and artist, and an inspiration for people worldwide. I have lost a great friend." ~ Robin Williams

Christopher taught me to use two four-letter words: cure and hope. He said without hope we have nothing. Regarding cure, he said we must go all the way. ~ Wise Young, NY Post

He was one of those rare movie stars whose activism and very humanity was as, if not more, influential than his wonderful work as an actor. ~ Margot Kidder

One cannot measure in words what Christopher Reeve has done. It spans between science and social policy ... He used his injury as an opportunity to help mankind. ~ Philip E. Stieg

He was a true champion for those who suffered, not just from spinal-cord injuries, but those afflicted with ALS, Parkinson's, Huntington's, and Alzheimer's diseases ~ Joe Pantoliano

He had a passion to find a cure and an ability to move mountains... He never gave up. He told me, "So many of us 'able-bodied people' are paralyzed in our own lives...When our twins were born, (we) named one of our sons after Chris, who was not only his godfather, but his role model for inspiration and courage. ~ Jane Seymour

No one better demonstrated courage, strength and dedication to others than Chris accomplished in these past hard years. ~ Gene Hackman

He energized the scientific community and brought hope to patients...Scientists are human, too, and I think to know the public is behind you and interested, it's like (being) a baseball player. You play better. ~ Guy Clifton

There could be 45 of me, and people wouldn't listen. People listened to him. Who's there to step into his shoes? ~ Louise Miller