Favorite Quotations ~  Bill King Tao of Leadership

"You can see with your heart.
Make the dark skies depart.
All you need is some love to start with.
You can see with your heart."
~ Bill King

Paramahansa Yogananda

Humanity is a painting on an earthy canvas splashed with Divine paint.

The face of a newborn child is as close as we come to seeing the face of God in this life!

With the rush and flutter of angels wings My prayers float silently up to God.

Let my wealth be stored in vaults no earthly banker can unlock.

You may still choose to believe something you cannot prove.

Compassion and mercy warm the human soul like sunshine and summer breezes warm the human body.

Choose your beliefs as carefully as your earthly treasures and you can never be poor.

A snowstorm is the chalkdust from heavenly handwriting.

The heart filled with hope can never die, for hope lives on forever.

Unbridled joy is hope with even the slightest doubt removed.

I may not have much but then again I don't have to worry about insurance or fixing things that break.

Heartbreak is another name for The Golden Years.

Innocence is an incredible perfume.