Favorite Quotations ~† Beatles Classic Rock Stories

"They'd become the closest friends I'd ever had. I was an only child, and suddenly I felt as though I had three brothers." ~ Ringo Starr

We're all individuals. And in the Beatles, we grew out of it. The bag was too small. ~ John Lennon

It is good to be spontaneous, it is good to be thorough, it is good to have something that inspires you. ~ Paul McCartney

It all comes down to who you crucify, you either kiss the past or future good-bye. ~ Ringo Starr

Everything else can wait, but the search for God cannot. ~ George Harrison

If The Beatles or the 1960s had a message, it was Learn to swim. And once you've learned: swim! ~ John Lennon

My family's my life and then it's my music. ~ Paul McCartney

It's a scary thing meeting Beatles, but George was so nice to me and included me in everything. ~ Tom Petty

It doesn't matter whether you're the king of a country or... a fabulous Beatle; it's what's inside that counts. ~ George Harrison

Songwriting is like psychiatry. You sit down and dredge up something that's deep inside and bring it out front. ~ Paul McCartney

The writing of the Beatles, or John and Paul's contribution to the Beatles in the late sixties had a kind of depth to it, a more mature, more intellectual approach. We were different people, we were older. We knew each other in all kinds of different ways ~ John Lennon

Ultimately, the Beatles are second to none in all departments. I don't think there has ever been a better song written than Eleanor Rigby. ~ John Leiber

Looking back on it with John, he was a really great guy. I always idolized him. We always did, the group. I donít know if the others will tell you that, but he was our idol. He was like our own little Elvis in the group. ~ Paul McCartney, In Other Words

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