About Daily Celebrations

"Life is a celebration of passionate colors..."

I believe we can find something to celebrate every day. There are passionate colors everywhere I look, in everything, even the most “ordinary” of things.

Especially in this wondrous ordinary life.

Launched in 1999, Daily Celebrations offers thousands of captivating and thought-full biographies of famous people.

Leaders. Musicians. Scientists. Artists. Writers. People who took a chance and changed the world.

Each celebration is written with the help of a database of over 70,000 unique quotations… And ends with a positive affirmation to help make each day matter.

More than “Today in History,” this popular website educates, motivates, and inspires with spirit and heart. An invaluable learning tool to heighten your awareness, creativity, and life’s meaning. 

Life matters.  And yes, you, too, can make a difference. Love the colors of your life. Celebrate today.

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