November 21 ~  Strong Feelings New/Future Releases

"Love and lust are the inspiration for hundreds of Rock and Roll songs. These two strong feelings have often been confused over the course of time. Songwriters are not immune to this confusion, on the contrary..." ~ Tim Morse

In a wonderful book dedicated to music lovers everywhere, Tim Morse's Classic Rock Stories looks at the stories behind the great songs.

"Mary's a girlfriend of mine," explained Jimi Hendrix about The Wind Cries Mary (1967). "She tells the most nice stories to me. One time she tells me I'm an animal and another time she says I'm a kind of good to her."

About Our House (1970), written by Joni Mitchell, his lover at the time, Graham Nash said, "I felt very warm and felt like I'd really found a home... I had never been with a woman like Joan. I had never been so much in love."

Born To Run (1975) was written by Bruce Springsteen in New York for a girlfriend who was homesick for Texas. "I'd come home practically in tears," he explained. "And I was sort of into that thing of being nowhere. But knowing that there is something someplace."

Eric Clapton, in love with George Harrison's wife Patti, wrote Layla (1970). "It was actually about an emotional experience, a woman that I felt deeply about and who turned me down, and I had to kind of pour is out in some way," Clapton said. "The greatest things you do are always done by mistake, accidentally. I had no idea what Layla was going to be."

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