October 6 ~  Cover the Essentials The Power of Patience

"A man makes inferiors his superiors by heat; self-control is the rule." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mo's Way Sunrise

There is nothing more miserable that having the desire to do something and not being able to do it because it is out of your control. These moments in life teach you patience... Or allow for the creative contemplation of murder and/or torture.

What other choice do you have?

"An ounce of patience," said a Dutch Proverb, "is worth a pound of brains."

Many an hour I spent waiting to see my oncologist, Dr. Chong, in a crowded waiting room full of cancer patients older than me, thinking, how ironic, time is so precious to me now and I have to spend it waiting. The irony of that memory visits me again as I sit here waiting... This time for my car to be fixed at Sam's Club.

Getting here to just wait... interesting.

I could not tell the car technician my cell phone number. Our trac phone is really only good for out going emergency calls and I have saved a fortune in monthly Verizon costs to have the phone be just that. I have also become a bit inaccessible, which is not that bad. Rather circa-2000. Retro.

But I digress. I could not tell the tech my phone number, could not figure out how to retrieve it off my phone, had to fumble with my glasses to see, didn't have a pen to write his number, etc. etc.

Rather comical performance at the service desk. Someone would think me inept, which I am not. With five people behind me huffing and puffing at my speed. (Where are you off to Huffing Puffers, there are four people in front of me, we have already over an hour wait?)

But to that, I say, oh well. My fuse ain't the longest either.

Tom Petty may have called waiting the "hardest part." Maybe it's also a good time to regroup, rethink... Just breathe.

And write a Daily Celebration.

Buddha said, "It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell."

Just breathe.