April 1 ~  Time Road Trip

"Time is your treasure." ~ J. M. Colter


Time is our great treasure and there is nothing more important than spending time with someone you love.

As the wise philosopher Jalaluddin Rumi said, "Come out of the circle of time, and into the circle of love."

In this busy world, setting aside time may be tough, but worth the effort. What greater way to celebrate life than to discover new places and create new memories?

"Connection is an essential vitamin," said psychiatrist Edward Hallowell. "You can't live without it."

When I'm lucky enough to take a road trip with someone special, I grab my MP3 player, jump in the car or hop on the bike, and head down the road. I enjoy sharing the spirit of adventure and exporation. Whether it's conversation, camaraderie, or just the wind through our hair, the connection is glorious, time spent, holy.

Make time to give passionate meaning to today. Deepen, rediscover, smile. Every moment is a promise and a new chance, for you and everyone you touch.

Celebrate life with those you love.